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The Lakes Gallery.

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Lake District

High Street

The summit of High Street.

The 4 of us at the trig point having a well earned rest.

Bill Ward on Park Fell.

Park Fell overlooks Kentmere Common and joins High St. with Froswick.

Kentmere Common from Park Fell.

The view from the above spot.

Harter Fell from Kidsty Pike.

A break on Kidsty Pike looking across to Harter Fell.

Haweswater from Kidsty Pike.

Same break, different photo!
Riggindale Crag from High Street. Approach route along the crag from Haweswater.

Arthurs Pike from Askham Fell.

At the start of the walk, around 0700hrs, good start to the day.
Arthurs Pike from Ullswater. Taken at 1415 from the Ferry, and yes, it`s raining!
The Sun Shines From-----! As I turned from taking another pic, this opportunity was too good to miss!
Ullswater and The Dodds. From Bonscale Pike looking towards Glennridding, that 's heat haze not mist!
Howtown Wyke from Bonscale Pike. Looking down on Howtown. Gives you some idea of the hight we were.
A Red Squirrel at Howtown. A rare sight! we were priveledged to see 3 on this walk
Blencathra and Sharp Edge  
This, is what Blencathra should look like! Not my Photo! but it needed to be shown!
This, is what it did look like! Low cloud and rain! Couldn't see a thing! the mist was thick and wet, but we hoped for the best.
A well earned rest on the way up to Sharp Edge. The torrent of water shows how much rain we had!
The start of Sharp Edge Hard to see the way to take.
Should we? or shouldnt we? We had to make a decision here, we saw a snow gully we could use to reach the top!
Bill and Gary on snow ridge on Blencathra Summit. Snow ridge ran the whole length of Blencathra.
There is a 900 ft drop under that! A snow overhang looking very dangerous.
A free mug from Rock n Run ( I won it! ) Hot coffee on the flanks of Saddleback. Well earned rest after a heart stopping walk in bad visabilty and weather.
It did clear on the way down, This is Keswick and Derwent Water. At last we had some views to look at.
And looking over to Gt Dodd and Thirlmere. This was another view.
On the path back to Scales-our start point, at the base of Doddick Fell. Nice waterfall, and right on the path too!
The aproach to Sharp Edge--- This is what it should look like! Again, not my photo's. Sorry, but I cant remember where I got them, but I will put a link on when I can!
--and on Sharp Edge.


And, not very far from the Lakes!

Hadrians Wall, from Brampton to Haltwhistle.

The entrance to Lanercost Priory near the start of our walk

A famous landmark to start the day.

Our first look at Hadrians Wall at Hatongate

Our first view of 'The Wall'

Eric and Bill at Bankshead Beacon

One of the re-constructed Beacons.

On the Wall near Birdoswald Roman Fort

Excelent spot this! especially the coffee shop!

The new bridge at Willowford and the remains of the old

Interesting spot on the river, showing the skill of the bridge builders.

The original bridge (Artist Impresion)

This is what the bridge looked like in Roman Times. (How do they know that?)

The original bridge foundations

Whats left of the original.

On the Wall just after Willowford

Good views as the aspect opens up.

Lunch stop at Gilsland

A well earned stop for grub! I And in a nice valley to!

Thirlwall Castle and the Pennine Way

Pity the ruins are closed, but they look as though they are about to fall down!

Eric, with Thirlwall Castle in background

My walking buddy, Eric Carter, posing in front of the castle.

The Quarry at Carvoran/Magnis Fort

Fantastic visitor center, showing how the stone for the wall was quarried.
A Pheasant walking The Wall! But it didn't walk all the way with us!