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The Lake district (and Hadrians Wall)

(I am putting all the pics in area order, on their own page. This is the first)

Calderdale Photo`s---

Our most used start point. Picnic site just outside Toddmorden with Summit Tunnel and Viaduct at the back.

Great Rock on the Calderdale Way. Our favorite lunch stop! the views are great across to Stoodley Pike!

---plus 3 views of Stoodley Pike.

The Pike from the Pennine Way. Taken from London Rd below the Pike before the climb up!

The Pike from Warland Reservoir. At lunch at some rocks behind Warland Res. I could not resist this one!

The Pike from the White House Pub. On the Pennine Way next to Blackstone Edge Reservoir, on the way to Warland Drain.

Lathkill Dale Photo`s

Two Walkers in the Dale. Eric Carter and Myself (right) by the river.

Autumn Colors. Mid afternoon sun hits the turning leaves.

Clapper Bridge The bridge near the Tea Rooms at Bradford.

The Gorge and Big `E` On the Limestone Trail near One Ash Grange.

Packhorse Bridge. At Alport, which is the start and finish of the walk

Bridge and River Again, The Limestone Trail on the River Bradford near Middleton.

Piethorn Valley Photo's.

Kitcliffe and Piethorn Reservoirs

Norman hill Reservoir

M62 Viaduct with Holingworth Lake in the background

Windy Hill mast

Holme Valley Photo's.

Footbridge on Kirklees Way at Cox Clough.

Looking down on Holmebridge from Ramsden Rd.

Holme Valley and Black Hill.

The Kirklees Way at Reynard Clough.

Ivy`s Cafe at Holmefirth-Scones and Coffee!

Roughlee and Pendle Photo's.

Two views of Roughlee Hall (P.A.W. Scouts, old Pack Holiday House)



Bill Ward on stile on the Pendle Way.

Pendle Hill! (the sign says)

And Trig Point on Top!

Lower Ogden Res- Barley end.

And from Higher Ogden Res.

Eric Carter- Long Time walking Buddy- with Pendle at back.

And again- Lost I mean!

Bridge at White Hough.

Dovestone Res. and Saddleworth Edges Photo's.

Alderman Hill from Oldham Way.

Dovestone Reservoir from Oldham Way, looking North

The Tunnel entrance, Ashway Gap, 1.25 miles long (we have been through it several times!)

The other end, Birchen Clough (with wet feet!)

Bottom of Greenfield Brook/Birchen Clough Cascades.

Eric Carter, climbing up the cascades.

Top of Greenfield Brook/Birchen Clough Cascades.

The Balanced Rock on Ravenstones.

The Trinacle---

---and me on it!

Dovestone Reservoir from Saddleworth Edge, near Great Dove Stone Rocks.

Chew Reservoir, the highest in GB.

The River Tees, from Middleton to Couldron Snout Photo's.

For a write up on this walk, go to Tees walk.

The Sun rises for us on a 7 o'clock start, and the first stile of the day.

My walking Pal, Bill Ward snapped this Deer as we walked---

--- and I snapped this Tree Troll just after!

Low Force, the first of the Days waterfalls.

4 pics of High Force.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Bleabeck Force.

Part of the Tees Valley from Bracken Rigg.

In the opposite direction, Birk Rigg, (part of the return journey) from Bracken Rigg.

The most impressive of the Falls, Cauldron Snout.

Cauldron Snout in the background, taken from Cronkley Fell on the return journey.

Sunset over the Beck near Middleton as we finished our walk!

We made a friend as we ate our lunch near High Force.


Bolton Abbey.

Winter 98-Our annual winter walk, with the 22nd Warriors cub Scouts.

Over the bridge at Barden-Yes, that is Snow.

The River Gorge, near Strid Cottage.---

---and our lunch stop on the other side.

Winter 99- Again our Annual walk, Winter sun on the Abbey.

Some of the other Cub Leaders and Parents on the walk.

A very cold winter river scene!


Still to come.

Cadair Idris.

Rossendale Way.

Burnley Way.



Watch This Space!

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Last update 28th Sept 2002